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April 22nd, 2014

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Toyota Company has started out as an division of Toyota Automatic Loom Works, the company that makes automatic looms even to this day. Person that the company got the name from was Sakichi Toyoda who is responsible for invention of Model G automatic loom. After it was founded in 1933 it started to produce automobiles in the following year under the leadership of the founders relative Kiichiro Toyoda. Initially the vehicles were sold by the name Toyoda and was later renamed to „Toyota“ as it seemed more lucky and visually simpler in Japanese script and also more voiced. After investigating the Europe and USA automobile production and markets, and encouraged by the Japanese government, in 1934 Toyota began to produce vehicles such as the model A1 cars and later AA cars and G1 trucks. In 5 yeas following 1936, less than 2000 vehicles were made. The trucks were made as simple as possible due to government’s resources shortages and imperial army needs.

After the war ended, some of the company was left undamaged and although struggling, and after gaining the approval from US military to startup the peacetime production, the production of passenger car named Toyopet SA began in 1947. It was the first of the long list of future vehicles names Toyopet. By the middle fifties it was producing more than 8,000 cars per year. By the mid sixties the number rose to incredible 600,000 per year. Sales of Land Cruisers also increased during these years. Sales of the luxury car named „Crown“ started in fifties with 700 units per year and rose up to 50,000 by the mid fifties.

Company was given a boost when a Korean war started and the demand for trucks and other equipment increased considerably. Separate sales company was created in 1950 and the dealer chain was established and the company stated to export the vehicles abroad, mainly to the USA and Brazil and in time reached almost global presence, build research facilities and expanded both the supply and the variety of vehicles. First cars to be sold internationally were Toyopet sedan and Land Cruiser. In 1959 Toyota opened manufacturing plant in Brazil, the first one to be located outside of Japan. One of the more famous but rare cars from this period was 2000GT that broke 16 world endurance and speed records. During the seventies Corolla become one of the most popular small cars in USA, as well as small pickups.

Of the main mergers, Toyota acquired producer of trucks Hino in 1966, still producing heavy trucks and buses today. It also purchased Diahatsu and has ownership and partnerships with many companies in Japan and abroad. When it comes to main subject of this website, Toyota warranties, in 1988.Toyota Company started to give a 36,000 miles / 3 years bumper to bumper warranty on their vehicles, deal that is often a standard today. Scion cars dominated 2000ies, as well as Celicas, Matrix, Mr2 that had an appeal with the younger people.

Global financial crisis that started in 2008 has left the impact on automobile market and Toyota sales started to decline. Pickup trucks were seriously hit. There were also shortages of some more popular Toyota makes. In 2011 Tsunami struck parts of Japanese automobile manufacturing facilities that led to decrease of production. Manufacturing less pickup trucks and manufacturing more of in-demand vehicles will probably be the priority for the company in the years that come. Their latest vehicles include vehicles such as full-size trucks like „Tundra“ and Camry cars. Although lately Toyota Company has been having serious issues with the vehicles and has been recalling millions of them, it still continues to be one of the largest companies in the world producing more than 5 million vehicles every year.

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April 12th, 2014

As you may have already heard, Toyota Company has been recalling millions of vehicles. It was the result of several critical issues. Most of the vehicles over three millions, will need to have their spiral cables replaced as it can be easily damaged during steering and as an result prevent the airbag that is attached to it to be deployed in the case of crash, that could cause serious situation. There were also issues with seat rails on more than 2 million vehicles, and windscreen vipers on 160,000 as well as problems with steering columns on about 760,000 vehicles. There was also an issue with the engine starters that could potentially cause the fire. In total, more than 6 million vehicles of 27 different models have been recalled. Previously the company has recalled almost 2 million of Prius hybrid cars and even more last year totaling more than 20 million vehicles that have been recalled in the last few years, more than in the previous years.

With all those recalls made in the recent year, one must assume that these are not the greatest times in Toyota Company’s history. Though sales have suffered because of these events and its reputation of manufacturer of highly durable and reliable vehicles was somewhat shaken.

There have only been a few reports of the fire, so the problem should be fixed now as perhaps the most serious problem would start to occur almost exclusively after prolonged use. This is not a unique situation in automotive industry as GM was struck with the similar problems and has also been forced to recall comparable number of vehicles. Though there will probably be no further reputation loss as there were no fatalities and the customers are beginning to realize that it is in their interest to have their vehicles in technically proper order, better late than never.


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May 9th, 2012

In a bid to present themselves as a company that keeps their corporate responsibilities high up, the Toyota company has been conducting a number of crash courses aimed for teens around the United States. To many opinion leaders in the industry, this gesture is welcome although in a number of senses overdue. The company has long prided itself as a manufacturer of safe cars.

This perception was dealt a major blow just a couple of years ago when Toyota models were found to have acceleration problems. When these problems led to a number of fatalities, the company was forced to make a series very costly recalls. In many ways, the company is still struggling to emerge from the shadows that this event brought about. It is also an indication that the company is finally waking up from the losses inflicted by the Japanese Tsunami and subsequent earthquake.

The latest initiative is as well an acknowledgement that making models that are decidedly safe is one thing. The only assurance that this becomes living proof is if the drivers themselves are adept at the task. The courses are meant to bring young drivers into close touch with what implications of reckless driving are. The programs are meant to run over a number of days and are conducted in close association with local authorities to ensure legitimacy.

To add to the effectiveness of the programs, Toyota insists on carrying the tutelage when the teenagers are in the company of their parents. The supervisory role of parents serves to inculcate the respect of authority and experienced hands. The parents also have the unique chance of learning to put a level of trust on the ability of their young ones.

Another crucial aspect of these courses are talks by crash survivors drawn from the local community. Their experiences are not meant to scare the teen participants but rather to inculcate in them a sense for regarding safety as they ought to. The presence of the parents throughout is meant to induce them into becoming lifelong coaches to oversee the driving experience of their children.

As corporate responsibility campaigns go, a special place has to be reserved for those that seek to engage with vulnerable in the community. Recognizing that teenage drivers can be responsible on the road is commendable of the Toyota company corporate initiative. The safety courses they have initiated will no doubt lead to erasing some of the damage done by some recent safety issues affecting their models.