Toyota Extra Care

If your vehicle has less then 150,000 mileage and is less than 10 years old, Endurance Vehicle Protection is offering comprehensive Toyota coverage at wholesale prices. This offer has a 30 days money-back guarantee backed up by A+ insurance companies. For the new customers there is $200 discount on your initial purchase of Toyota warranty. Want to find out details?

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If you are purchasing a Toyota, you may want to consider getting a Toyota Extra Care Vehicle Service Agreement (VSA) as it will help you to have a peace of mind.

There are three levels of the plan available to the owners of Toyota vehicles: Platinum, Gold and Powertrain. Each one has some different features that should be reviewed before making your choice. All of these plans can provide you with greater coverage than the normal warranty and they are transferable should you sell.

The highest level of Toyota extra care coverage is gotten with the Platinum Plan. The main difference between the plans are the systems and parts that are covered. In the case of the platinum level of protection, virtually all component groups and parts are protected.

The second highest level of Toyota protection is provided by the Gold Plan. This one will cover most of the major components of your vehicle. While not quite as comprehensive as the platinum level, it does provide more coverage than the powertrain level.

The Powertrain Plan, though less extensive than the other two options, does provide you with greater peace of mind by covering your Toyota’s engine, transmission and the components of the axle-assembly. In addition to covering fewer systems, this plan is also available for up to 6 years of protection as opposed to 8 for the other two options.

All of these plans are available for both new and used Toyota vehicles. There are certain eligibility requirements and these differ depending on whether the vehicles are used or new. Check the age and mileage requirements to determine whether you are eligible for a VSA.

Toyota vehicles are well known for being especially reliable. However, even with the most durable vehicles, there is still good reason to consider a Toyota extra care warranty. Because these cars tend to hold their value longer than many and tend to be more reliable at a greater age and mileage than most, it makes sense to do everything you can to keep it in top condition, so it can be worthwhile to consider looking into this kind of Toyota extended warranty.