Extra Services

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Roadside Assistance extra services, sometimes called concierge services, are the bonuses that people can get when purchasing the extended warranty. Those special benefits given by providers are providing an additional level of assistance to the owner of the vehicle. Some of them might also prove to be useful, depending on driver’s needs and preferences. These services can come very handy in the times of need and can save the Toyota owners the costs of the accidents that would otherwise cost much more. On the extended market warranty there are also other services that one may come across.

Some of the vehicle owners signing for extended Toyota warranty plans do not look at the extra services and benefits they may get. If you already have a valid warranty, and already didn’t so, find the warranty documents and booklet and look for the services that are provided, if any. People want to get as comprehensive warranty as possible in exchange for their hard earned money. It is the same with other Toyota extended warranty providers that are offering extra services that can often save some money on the long run, so if you have extended warranty, you should check out whether the company has listed extra services that will be available for your Toyota vehicle. If they are, then these services will immediately become part of the coverage benefits and can potentially assist you a great deal in case there is crisis or the need for assistance or you just want to enjoy additional benefits such as trip planner or weather info.

Extra services are coming with new Toyota backed warranty

New Toyota warranties backed by Toyota will be provided with 24-hour roadside assistance service that will valid for two years, regardless of miles. Following extra services as part of Toyota’s roadside assistance service:

Battery service
This benefit will provide the battery jump start service in case of an emergency.

Tire service
If tire gets flat, this service will certainly came handy.

Fuel Delivery
This roadside service you will be able to arrange for delivery of fuel (which is the only fluid that would be part of emergency assistance.

This service will be providing a lockout protection assist in case you get into such a situation.

Towing and Winching
In an appropriate circumstances, as part of roadside assistance services there will be an option to tow the vehicle to the nearest Toyota dealership.

Extra services that may be provided by other Toyota extended warranty providers:

Crisis services can be useful if unforeseen crisis emerges, or there is a money crisis, or one is in need to call the police, there are urgent situation concierge extras that can help you in making calls, and assisting you whenever help is needed. There are many different accidents that can happen and it makes no difference what type of emergency it is, as long as the automotive coverage provider is considering it as valid. If you have such a service but you don’t know which emergencies they offer, you should call the company and ask them to give you more info. This is the calm alternative to trying to call them hastily during time crisis asking them if help for this kind of crisis is available at all.

Glass replacement
Replacement of glass is one of the most helpful services, if you ever need it. If you found yourself in an accident which involves the car windows get shattered, you will be able to replace shuttered glass right then and there with just one call to this useful service. They are going to arrange somebody to help you if this happens. If it is possible, ask for the list of centers that you can ask for more assistance in replacing the shuttered glass.

Weather info
When it comes to this service, is makes no difference where you travel, this service is always there. Insurance claims service can be useful when it is time to claim your insurance.

Insurance service
If you happen to find yourself in an accident, and you want the insurance company to cover the damages, this service will make a phone calls to insurance provider to let them know that you are going to make a claim.

Cash advance
With cash advance you have an option to get cash support, although it depends on your CC authorization depending on a credit limit and also on cc features.

So if you are planning to get Toyota extended warranty, good course of action would be to look if any of extra services are provided by the company as part of the deal.