Factory Warranty

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The Toyota factory warranty package has various policies through which the manufacturer and the dealers provide assurance to the buyers. Buyers are guaranteed covers for the whole vehicle for a certain period of time. Here is Toyota warranty information about services that cover various parts of the vehicle.

The entire car is covered under the bumper-to- bumper Toyota warranty. However, Toyota parts that are replaced when the car is on a routine maintenance are not included in this policy. Parts that wear out during the normal use of the car are also excluded.

Your car has a basic warranty of a total distance of thirty thousand miles or a period of thirty six months. This guarantee period is applicable on all car parts, excluding regular maintenance replacements and parts that get worn out during the normal use.

One of the Toyota factory warranties that cover specific car parts is the power train guarantee. The is in effect for sixty thousand miles or five years. This warranty covers the front wheel drive, the rear wheel drive, the engine and the trans-axle. Interiors included under this cover include airbags and seat-belts.

The rust warranty covers the car for five years and it’s not limited to mileage. The car is covered against damage on the metallic body by rust. The cover is strictly on effects of rust that perforate the metallic body.

If your car is a hybrid vehicle, there are separate Toyota warranties for the hybrid parts. Hybrid parts include the HV battery, the inverter, the hybrid and battery control modules. These parts are covered for eight years or a mileage of a hundred thousand miles. Some parts may have longer covers than others.

The Accessory guarantee covers all your car accessories for as period of thirty six thousand miles. The policy fully covers the accessories that were purchased with the vehicle only. Accessories that were purchased later are covered for the remaining Toyota warranty term or a one year period of unlimited mileage.

Car covers are excluded from the accessories policy. They are under their own cover of one year of unlimited mileage. The car parts of the emission regulation systems are covered for two years or twenty four thousand miles in mileage. A cover of eight years or eighty thousand miles is available for engine control components. The vehicle dealer should offer transport assistance for parts under guarantee.

There is a policy designed to cover a few adjustment services that may be made on the car. The cover is for three years of thirty six thousand miles of mileage. Wheel balancing and alignment are covered when carried out within the first year or up to twenty thousand miles. Different models may have separate maintenance covers.

The Toyota factory warranty also has extended power train covers effective over varying periods. There is a supplementary guarantee cover on tires for three years or thirty six thousand miles. This policy only covers cases of premature wear. It is an extension of policy given on tires by the tire manufacturers. Take advantage of the Toyota warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure that your vehicle functions properly at all times.

There are also various types of Toyota factory extended warranties that one can get from Toyota dealers, that can extend service beyond the factory terms, as well as other types of Toyota extended warranty coverage provided by different companies on the market, which will be covered in the future posts.