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April 12th, 2014

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As you may have already heard, Toyota Company has been recalling millions of vehicles. It was the result of several critical issues. Most of the vehicles over three millions, will need to have their spiral cables replaced as it can be easily damaged during steering and as an result prevent the airbag that is attached to it to be deployed in the case of crash, that could cause serious situation. There were also issues with seat rails on more than 2 million vehicles, and windscreen vipers on 160,000 as well as problems with steering columns on about 760,000 vehicles. There was also an issue with the engine starters that could potentially cause the fire. In total, more than 6 million vehicles of 27 different models have been recalled. Previously the company has recalled almost 2 million of Prius hybrid cars and even more last year totaling more than 20 million vehicles that have been recalled in the last few years, more than in the previous years.

With all those recalls made in the recent year, one must assume that these are not the greatest times in Toyota Company’s history. Though sales have suffered because of these events and its reputation of manufacturer of highly durable and reliable vehicles was somewhat shaken.

There have only been a few reports of the fire, so the problem should be fixed now as perhaps the most serious problem would start to occur almost exclusively after prolonged use. This is not a unique situation in automotive industry as GM was struck with the similar problems and has also been forced to recall comparable number of vehicles. Though there will probably be no further reputation loss as there were no fatalities and the customers are beginning to realize that it is in their interest to have their vehicles in technically proper order, better late than never.